1. Time to Shine
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"Time to Shine" came to me in a flash of lightning when I was on the treadmill at the gym one morning. Seven years after I sat by the bedside of my sister while she was in a coma, I was finally able to say what I couldn't say then.


Time to Shine
(for Emily)
© 2008 McCall Erickson

Is it dark where you are
Is it cold in the shadows
no sun shining down
no trophy to hold

Are you already gone
I still have something to say
Can you hear me now
I never wanted I this way

I never asked for the right
to be the only one to shine
you can shine too, if you want
if there's still time

You gonna wake up soon?
Gonna open your eyes
the doctors don't know
if you're gonna be alright

But I've got a feeling
we're not through yet
I'm taking my chances
I'm willing to bet

It's dark where I've been
following my pride
always leaving you out
and pushing you aside

You never asked for the right
to always be the one behind
I can slow down, if you want
If there's still time

Am I too late
to make these amends?
Let's forget about
the should have
and would have been's

I hope you find your own sun
your own way to shine
there's still time
there's still time

Is there some mercy
for you and me
we're always falling short
of what we can be
always falling short
we're always falling short